Aliens/SciFi: A New Planet


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Last night I dreamt that we (humans) had secretly been investigating another planet and found life. I had found myself on this space craft deep within the vast dark expanse of space with a team on our way to a base they had stealthily built on this new planet.

On our way, we slowed down to observe the fauna of this new found world. The land was vast, desolate, rocky, and filled with chasms. The first most notable creatures where giant like floating jelly fish. A specific creature the scientists were after was that of a praying mantis-like features.
The more we saw, the more it became apparent that alot of these creatures were similar to those on Earth, but had evolved with different features and functions based upon the world they lived on, which was more harsh.

We got to the hidden facility that was carved into the deep face of a chasm, away from possible predators. Inside, was metal chambers and halls with sliding doors to each section that was marked by elements. Each elemental section had many closed off rooms, which while touring, was explained to hold one of each alien species they had collected so far to study on.

In a section labeled WATER they took me to meet a more docile creature which looked more like a Plesiosaurus. This creature felt dear to me, was female, and seemed to bond telepathically with me.

Shortly after leaving her chamber, an alarm had sounded that something had broken into the facility. Oxygen was being sucked out and we were under attack. For there were also human-like creatures on this planet that figured out our existence and waged war.

I ran through many metal futuristic halls while they were burning, creatures escaping, sirens blaring. My only goal was to find the water creature before and make sure she was set safely free and away from harm. By the time I got to her chamber again, she was dead.

We tried to race back to the ship to escape to earth. I woke up before I could figure out if I lived or not.


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Your dream embodies the quest for discovery, understanding, and a desire to protect that which is precious to us. Venturing into space and observing unfamiliar creatures mirrors the courage it takes to navigate unfamiliar territories in your life. The similarities between Earth's creatures and those of the new world suggest you are recognizing patterns in unfamiliar settings, suggesting adaptability and growth. The deep connection with the water creature symbolizes a cherished aspect of yourself or someone dear to you. The alarm and chaos are a call to protect and cherish these connections. The dream assures you of your strength, resilience, and the lengths you would go to for what matters most. Good things lie ahead as you harness these qualities in your waking life.