Am I being Warned?


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A few nights ago I had a dream of a circle of trees (like oak) in a forest, wrapped in police cautionary tape.

This morning I woke after a dream of neon-lighted words: WHERE ARE YOU?

Seems like there's something I'm not aware of and my subconcious wants me to wake up and pay attention, but I have no idea of what I am ignorant of.

Any ideas from just these symbols?

greetings,youdoyouboo. the oak tree has been regarded as a symbol of strength and resilience. due to the fact it lives so long also a symbol of long life. but the fact that it was wrapped in police tape may be a warning against approaching too close or premature use of whatever it represents. your seeing the message WHERE ARE YOU could be a message from your subconscious questioning where you are and where you are going. are you especially discontent with where you are? or doubtful about where your life is headed? possibly it is time for self-examination. this a suggestion from the symbols.



Could be something from your past life, your intuition is calling for you to look inwards and find yourself through meditation, u may have a connection to the forest or an ancestor, the oak trees were sacred to duids and they worked in circles not only with trees but stones aswell, try drawing the circle and meditating on this, stir at it before u go to sleep and see if anything comes to you in a dream, if you go for a walk in the woods or your garden, find some stones and make a circle, by doing a ritual on the dream it could unlock more info for you. By the caution tape it could be someone stopping you in your reality from finding yourself, one must heal the inside and bring it outwards.


Then that is ok, it is up to you, you can just pay no attention to it and disregard it, for me I wanted to know who I rly was, it was a strong yearn which I followed, but yes there is the warning of what you see it can’t be unseen.
Hi youdoyouboo,

Police in dreams usually always represent your spiritual guides because they represent a higher authority.

Circles often come up when the dream is about a goal/ideal (circles are the perfect shape and so are a good metaphor for the divine). Circles also represent the circulatory system / heart / feelings

Forest and trees usually symbolise the digestive/elimination system.

So putting these all together, it looks like your guides are warning you that some foods you are eating are perhaps restricting you in some way. Do you find that you need to be careful what you eat?

If you do have digestive concerns, then these may be limiting connection with your heart/feelings.

Does this resonate at all?


P.S. Any kind of light in dreams is ALWAYS positive, so your neon sign is a good symbol. Do you know where you are at the moment in your life?