Am I running or am I breaking free?

I had a dream a few nights ago that I was walking down a hall in a hospital. Although there were no windows looking outside, I could tell that it was night. I keep walking down the hallway over black and white checkered tile floors until I come to a large observational window to my left. It's looking into a room where a single bed with a perfectly white sheet sits in the middle, and on top of it, laying on her back, is a young woman. She has blonde hair, pale white skin, and is dressed in a mint green hospital gown. As I look on through the window, she sits up abruptly, kind of like a puppet on marionette strings. Then, in the same fashion she is lifted into the air, and in an instant she's in front of the window.

She looks nothing like she did when she was on the bed. Her skin is a dull gray now, her eyes are red like rubies, and her blonde hair is a mess all over her head and face. She screams and the window I'm looking through breaks. It quite literally hurt to hear the scream. I was hit with a feeling akin to a metal spike being driven down through the top of my skull to the base of my spine.

Next thing I know, I'm floating in the air surrounded my misty gray clouds. I inherently know that I can fly now for whatever reason, and I just start going. It's weird because despite how fast I knew I was going, there was no resistance or noise. The most I felt was a light, cool breeze as I was flying. The feeling was frictionless. Like flying through the vacuum of space. Eventually the clouds clear and I can see that I'm over a busy metroplex. I just keep flying and flying. The feeling was exhilarating. However, I couldn't shake this nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. It just stuck with me for the rest of my dream.

Despite the wonderful feeling I felt during the latter part of my dream, I woke up feeling sad and confused.

Any ideas why?


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Please describe the real life context surrounding your dreams, what is going on with your life now and your relationships, we need the context to interpret.