An Emotional Rollercoaster (Literally)


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So, it was more of a water coaster, but the phrase still applies.

In my dream, my friend and I were spending time with each other at an amusement park. She and I were having a blast eating food, dancing with each other, joking around; all of those good things. I was genuinely happy in those moments! Then, we made the decision to go to some sort of rapids ride; the kind that have you spinning and splashing around down a river. Somehow, we lost each other in the queue and I ended up getting sat next to a girl I didn't know. She and I ended up hitting it off and when we got off the ride she stuck by me. The whole time, she was hugging on me and loving on me, but I couldn't feel anything but sad about losing my friend in the crowd.

Eventually, we come upon the largest water coaster I had ever seen. We board it and begin to ascend to the apex. Upon arriving at the top, the coaster stops for a moment. It gives me just enough time to see my friend looking at me. Sadness. Betrayal. Heartbreak. Those are the only things I could see on her face, and as a deep feeling of guilt washed over me, the coaster dropped. As we splashed down, the dream ended.

Needless to say, this dream left me feeling really sad and heartbroken, and really wanting to talk to my friend. I wanted to share mostly, but if anyone has any insight as to what this dream means, I would appreciate it.