an exploration and observation in an unknown city part 1

this dream begins with a quest,but this quest was slightly different. i was in a city in the throes of conflict.that is,civil war.the city was divided into different faction occupied the area north and northwest of the dividing line,the other faction occupied the areas south and southwest.the southeast part of the city was a no mans land between the warring groups,about equally divided in sympathy.large numbers of sympathizers with both sides could be found there. the northeast part saw no fighting.i was in an apartment with a group of people,residents of the city. we were talking about the situation. there was an uneasy truce between the two sides though there were areas of the city where this did not hold.mainly in the outlying districts.i went out and began walking in what i think was a northwesterly direction. in some places i could hear the remote sound of gunfire. i had gone about 7 blocks when i came to a park-like place behind a wrought iron gate. i looked behind it and saw many different assortments of flowers. some i recognized such as roses ,lilacs,lilies,violets and tulips.others i did not recognize immediately and had to do some research later to identify. i heard a man's voice "interested?. come on in " i looked up and saw an elderly white bearded man whom i took to be the caretaker (he had a flowerpot in his hand and had been watering the plants). he unlocked the gate.once inside i saw such a collection and assortment of flowers as i had never before seen in my life. bougainvillea,azaleas,frangipani, and jasmine. my eye rested on a flower i did not recognize. "that is assam catkin yew' he explained. i was wondering at the size of the plant. they can grow to be 18 feet high. there were hyacinths and chrysanthemums,red and yellow in a nearby pond. [continued]