An intriguing dream


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I dreamt of two young girls in the wilderness. The older one was bullying the younger one. It was up to me to end it by pushing the older girl. As I ran towards her, I made a last second decision and pushed the younger girl. Instead of falling, she rose far into the sky and was struck by several white and yellow lightning bolts. She grew in enormous power, love and knowledge.
The wilderness represents the vastness and unpredictability of life. The two girls symbolize choices or conflicts you might face. Though it seems like you made a counterintuitive decision by pushing the younger girl, it reveals your subconscious ability to uplift others in their vulnerable moments. The white and yellow lightning bolts are bursts of positive energy, wisdom, and transformation. By choosing to empower the perceived weaker entity, you've tapped into a hidden potential, magnifying her strength. This act suggests that in your waking life, you are or will be in a position to elevate someone, leading to growth, enlightenment, and profound change.