another school dream


I don't recall anything I may have dreamt during the night, but when I woke up in the morning and went back to sleep a little more, I had this little dream.

I'm in a dimly lit classroom. I'm awfully tired, everyone is chattering away, it's pretty noisy. My French teacher is standing right next to me leaning across my table and facing away from me. He complains that I didn't do the assignment he gave me a while ago and didn't even show up for the previous class. I can barely hear what he says, due to the noise level around me and my sleepiness. I flip through my note in order to find the info on the assignment I had jotted down somewhere in there but can't seem to find it.

He goes back to his desk and makes an announcement, but I don't catch it because I dozed off. Suddenly everyone starts packing their stuff and leaving the room. I'm puzzled cause the class had barely just begun, but I slowly pack my own stuff. Finally I find myself alone with the teacher and he urges me to go, too. I grab my things and I seem to have a lot, like two backpacks and something else. There are things (a jacket, some smaller bags, etc.) left in the room that don't belong to me, someone must have forgotten them there. I hurry up and follow my teacher, still no clue what's going on.


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Hey Karlla, that's something that happens to me sooooo often (to remember dreams only when i woke up and felt asleep again :) )
I hope you don't mind but i used a new online interpreter to analyze your dream, i'm trying it out and find it quite usefull
If this resonates with you, just let me know! :)

(here you can find the chat, but i also copy down here the text :) ) -->

Your dream, set in a dimly lit classroom with a sense of tiredness and confusion, seems to revolve around themes of responsibility, stress, and possibly feeling overwhelmed. Let's break it down:

  1. Dimly Lit Classroom & Tiredness: This setting and your state could symbolize a period of uncertainty or lack of clarity in some aspect of your waking life. It might suggest you're navigating through a situation where things aren't fully clear or where you feel mentally or emotionally drained.
  2. Noisy Environment & Inability to Concentrate: The chatter and noise preventing you from hearing your teacher and focusing might reflect feelings of being overwhelmed or distracted in your daily life. It could indicate that external pressures or internal thoughts are making it hard for you to concentrate on what you need to.
  3. Missing Assignment & Previous Class: This part of the dream could be a manifestation of anxiety about unmet obligations or responsibilities. Perhaps there's something you've been procrastinating on or an area where you feel you're not meeting expectations.
  4. Packing up Suddenly: The abrupt end of the class and the need to pack quickly could signify a sudden change or transition in your life. It might represent an unexpected shift that requires you to adapt quickly.
  5. Forgotten Items in the Room: Leaving behind items or seeing others’ items left behind might symbolize forgotten or neglected aspects of yourself or your life. There might be something you need to revisit or pay more attention to.
  6. Following the Teacher Without Understanding: This could reflect a situation where you're going through the motions without fully understanding or agreeing with the direction you're taking. There might be a decision or path you're following primarily due to external guidance or expectations rather than your own choice.
Personal Numbers: 17, 29, 34, 42, 56, 68 Your Magic Number: 81

This interpretation uses symbolic meanings and connects them to common life experiences. Remember, the personal relevance of your dream can vary and might have different meanings based on your individual circumstances.