Anybody else have precognitive dreams?

The first time I remember having a premonition in a dream was in high school. I’m 46 now. I used to have them fairly regularly but the premonitions would only be about my life. I never had premonition dreams about strangers…I think once I had a dream of an earthquake and it happened the next day.
I have two good friends, from high school, that will confirm this about me because I would tell them my dreams and when they would come true we would all be like WOW. That’s it just a wow, I mean what else can I say?
I lost my dream ability for a little bit in 2008 after my husband was murdered and yes I did have a premonition about it but in my dream it wasn’t clear to me who died. I’ve somewhat gained it back but not like I did pre-2008.
As far as dream interpretations: I believe that we must take the symbols/people/actions etc we see in our dreams and we have to figure out how it applies to our life. For example, couple days ago I was having some serious thoughts about a relationship I’m in and that night I dreamt I was walking down a long staircase holding onto a long rope. The rope was tied to a little lifeboat in calm water. Not sure what that means to me yet all I know I was nervous to get in the boat because I didn’t want it to tip over.
We will see what happens :)
Thanks for reading.


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Yes. I do sometimes.

With me it comes in series often. Meaning that it could happen a lot for 2-3 weeks. And then it stops. However if there is some serious issue or crisis in life it tends to happen.

Some if it might be that we have subconsciously understood something before we are aware of it and it appears in dreams or intuitions. But not all. Some are obviously not a result of that.

I also have periods where I have pre-cognitions both in dreams and when awake that make no sense. Or these can come together with ones that do. I have a post about it from June.


You are not alone, since my awakening I have had lucid dreams every night, almost like my intuition is fully charged, try setting intentions, currently I am working on the self, to connect and gain knowledge of myself, and they all makes sense, it’s like pieces of a puzzle coming together, I have even had some being in contact with ET, I havn't told anyone, crazy as it seems, they are very real and I trust them, I have never been given false information so I dare not question them and I am grateful.

I would keep a diary of them, as the ones that do t make sense may come in stages, for something bigger your intuition is trying to teach you, I even draw or paint mine, I find in doing so, I become almost hypnotic and I see more clearly.
Yeah, it's so weird sometimes.

I'll sometimes have a dream about an event I'll regret if it happens, and the scenario happens in the real world and I can make a better choice. It's like a message from my future self.
Or it will be to warn me, to help me cope with incoming emotions, so if someone is going to die, or something bad is going to happen, I'll have a dream about it sometimes.