Anybody keep dream journals?

A dynamic discussion-thread of journals of dreams might be of value -and might just encourage additional dreams..... dreams worthy of discussion in dream journals.

From personal experiences, it's also important to evaluate, and write journals on the rather mundane insights in dreams - insights of value for such things as careers, professions, business etc. etc. agendas.
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Yes. I do. And have done for years. Though it is not an exclusive dream journal. I write a diary/journal where I put dreams as well.

In it I write down all dreams. Anything I think is important through the day. I do it in my phone. So I often write down incidents, emotions, thoughts and so on as the day goes. Rather than just writing one session a day.

I also use a certain technique I came across by accident ten years ago. Rather than just writing down things in a normal day. I often just write and let myself be carried away by images, metaphors. Get into what I write the same way you do if you read a story. The idea here is to not think, analyze or be “aware” of what you do. That I do after writing. And this ion itself can be just as useful as dreams. Because when I manage to write in that state of mind unconscious processes come out. Like for instance. Let’s say I have been to town, drinking coffee, eating dinner and had a feeling of unrest, feeling that something is “off” and don’t know what. This type of meditative writing often gets out what it is. Like I write down parts of my day and a veil gets lifted.

Although I would come with a warning. This might trigger intense dreams, altered states and so on. And it might not be very pleasant work all the time. Not sure, but I think Jung used this method when doing The Red Book.
Most of the time, dreams (including dreams offering important insights) just happen - without any influences via note taking.

I strongly feel that dream content sometimes reflects experiences via osmosis in daily lives.
yes,i feel the same way,although i do not keep a dream journal by writing in it (though it sounds interesting.maybe i will give it a try)i do retain a very good memory for my dreams,at least the ones i consider important. the warning of dragev is very true. some of my dreams have been pleasant,others euphoric and a few others truly terrifying. but in my case the ones i remember the best are neither good nor bad dreams. they are enigmatic.