at the station


Hello everyone and happy new year.

Japan has a mostly forgotten tradition of "first things" of the new year. That includes paying attention to your first dream. Usually that would be the dream you recall on the morning of Jan. 1st, but I don't meet that requirement.^^
So here's my dream from Jan 3rd.

I Believe I'm somewhere in France. I don't know if I'm still a student or employed, but I commute by train every day. I take a special train. Its exterior is made of wood, so I can never accidentally take the wrong train. It always arrives at the station totally empty, and it will only open its doors when I am there and request to board. Only then can other people board, too, but normally only like 2 or 3 ish people ever get on. The train stops at every station letting more people in, nonetheless it is always almost empty.

Today, I talk to the conductor in English, cause I want to leave some of my things on the train. This is my private train after all, right? He tries to reply in English but immediately switches to French. He says I cannot leave my stuff behind. Other conductors who only speak French arrive and support his position. I get off. The doors remain open for other passengers to board but only few people get on.

I'm about to go down the stairs to leave the platform when a woman asks me something in Japanese. I don't understand her.
She is part of a small group of 3 or 4 women. Another woman of the group who speaks a better Japanese tries to help out and repeats the question. I finally get to understand and start a reply in Japanese. But along the way I lose confidence in my speaking skills and switch first to French, then to English. I feel slightly embarrassed.

I live in Japan and speak mostly English (at home) and Japanese (at work), but I'm also somewhat learning French. Language problems are very real for me.
I watched a couple vids on YT, one about some guy and his "tiny house" (this is where the wooden exterior of the train comes from), and others that include movie imagery from Avatar, Matrix (this is where the train station comes from, maybe ?) and whatever.

  • In terms of (not just) Matrix, the station is a point of transition. You have to choose where you wanna go, and there are usually several options available.
  • The commute, meaning the going back and forth, or the regular return to home base if you will, may or may not indicate taking regular breaks from one's duties, hence a form of self care and reflection? Then "home base" would hopefully indicate the self, cause going back and forth between to fixed points would mean being stuck and therefore not progressing in life. How scary.
  • The semi-private train indicates that the path is already chosen, but it is not main stream, cause there are barely any other passengers.
  • The stuff I wanna leave on the train is something I need along the journey, but outside of it it's just baggage.
  • What about the conductor, who is he, and why does he oppose to my request?
  • Who are those women who tried to start a conversation with me? What do they want from me?

Please do NOT tell me what will happen to me next week or so.
I live in the present and so do my dreams!

Any thoughts and ideas are appreciated.
Thanks a lot



This is not my first ever dream, just the first dream I recall of this year. *lol*
As for trains, I'm not sure. I think I did have train dreams before, but I did not and do not always pay attention to my dreams, so I can't be 100% sure.


Never been to France.
I commute by train sometimes. I'm not travelling much, but if I do it's usually by train.

You ask a lot of questions.
i ask a lot of questions? pffft ha ha ha ...
well, you have divulged that you have never been in france, so that's something.
do you have a car, or is a train more practical for you?


Sure, all my daily needs are covered in my neighbourhood. If I'm looking for more specific things... well, that's a different story.