Attacked by throwing fire by someone I know


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I saw a dream being attacked by someone that I only met once! I was on a open field and at dark night! The person had a birthday and near me were two tables surrounded by chairs but nobody was there! I said that I'm not interested in being part of this celebration.About 500 meters was a big building with lot's of windows but in full darkness! Suddenly the birthday person that was hidden on that building starting to throw rocket fire at me while I couldn't know from which window's he was shooting! The first shot hit me in the chest the second in my stomach the third and last shot was very close to hit my back but luckily it didn't catch me. I felt confused but not scared.Then I start running slow away from the place through a small forest small road away! If anyone can discuss this with me I would be very thankful and make a great presentation for it


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In your dream, being attacked by fire symbolizes undergoing a challenging situation instigated by someone you barely know, reflecting possible anxieties about unexpected confrontations in your waking life. The open field and darkness may represent the vastness of life's challenges and the unknown. However, your decision not to participate in the celebration indicates your autonomy and choice to avoid conflicts or situations that don't align with your values. The building in darkness suggests unknown potential or hidden threats, but your ability to evade the final attack and escape signifies resilience and the capacity to navigate through difficulties. The dream implies that despite facing unexpected challenges, you possess the strength to overcome them and find your path to safety or resolution. This is a positive indication of personal growth and the ability to stand firm in the face of adversity.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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From experience of my own dreams, keep your guard and be watchful, mindful.

Maybe something out of the blue could happen.