Aunt's dog became Aggressive in car?

Night before last, I had this dream I Was eating at a restaurant don't know what kind but I think it was kind of fancy with at least my Mom (it could have been both of my parents) Mom and I went to the washroom and we encounter a dog (I can remember it was brown and white), and it was nice and stuff and for some reason I think we, thought it was Mom's sister's dog so we took it into the car since I guess Dad came to pick us up and on the drive to my aunt's the dog became aggressive and kept biting my hands whenever I was petting it. We ended up at the Aunt's place but it didn't look like the Aunt's place the kitchen looked more like where Mom and the aunt's parents' kitchen then the Aunt's kitchen and Aunt said something to me (can't remember what) and that when I woke up.