Avid dreamer help


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I am an avid dreamer. My questions are not about the dreams themselves. My problem is I've grown dependent on Marijuana, not to fall asleep, but so that I don't dream. My dreams are not bad. They're just way too realistic. I become tired from whatever activities I was up to. Or I have way too much deja vu. It's annoying, I'm tired of the pictures in my head. I am looking for help to learn new methods to control my dreaming. Any advice or knowledge would be appreciated.


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I also have to smoke to not have dreams! When I started it was because of constant nightmares and anxiety dreams that kept me feeling so uncomfortable for the rest of the day. Sorry I don't have an alternative solution, I'm just happy to know it's not just me.


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It is very hard to provide any advice that wouldn't border on a diagnosis or medical support, which would be undue. With these problems, I'd actually suggest you seek out a psychologist. Meditation may not be amiss as a general thing (not to preclude seeking out professional aid). I hope you understand that providing this kind of support on here probably isn't a good idea, and not only because it is criminal in many jurisdictions, falling under medical advice.