Avid gardener's nightmare


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In waking hours I planted several row of gem glass popcorn that I am very excited to see if it works out.
I dreamt that "the groundhogs" got my corn, all if it, every inch of the plants down to the ground. The ground was dry where the 9 foot stalks used to be. I was wondering if a person did it. I ended up in a car in my childhood driveway parked next to where I first remember gardening as a child with my parents, except my corn field at my current home was there. I kept debating in the dream if it was a dream or real. I decided before I woke up it was real. I think. I may have still been dreaming when I realized the places didn't match up.


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Perhaps the disbelief of being at your childhood home (as in not knowing whether it was real or not) is a reflection of wanting something back, like nostalgia, and the barrage of wishfull thinking destroyed your plants.

I had a dream a while ago my hot peppers wilted rapidly before my eyes and when I ran to get them water, I had come back to find they had all but turned to only soil. That was weeks before my trip in real life back to my hometown.

The worry of a simple thing you care for regularly dying a natural death is probably your mentality of leaving the plants uncared for, mixed with not caring for them correctly (something every gardener fears), as well as an interruption of time away. Your mind has longing thoughts so frequently lately they slip into your dreams.

A good solution is either a trip down memory lane, by either visiting home or reconnecting with someone there, and calming those longing thoughts with satisfaction, by finishing a project, or starting a smaller hobby on the side. Even some simple crosswords or puzzle could help you there!