Baby dying


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I just woke up
My sister came to my room and said I called out "help"

I said I just woke up from a 'bad' dream or what is good?

The dream:
I was pregnant
There was this weird in between where they gave me what looked like a dummy child head to hold so that they could measure something
It felt very heavy
A very heavy big baby head
Next scene: I must have had the baby because they gave me a child as I lay flat in bed?
The most beautiful eyes on the baby like I never never seen before – it was like transparentish with a tinge of blue, yellow, opalish like vibes but transparent.
The baby had an aura to her?
They gave it to me to hold
I held it
It was soooo beautiful
I was in awe of it and it's beauty
Then it stopped breathing
The baby was now enclosed in this plastic like material with like a resuscitation pump thing
I pressed the pump
Was it working?
I was in distressed so I pumped it more
I then proceeded to use my fingers to give it CPR
I pumped more
I think the baby is breathing again?
I could see it's chest going up and down
Or was it from the pump??
I yelled out "Help!" "Help!" "Help!"
It felt like my mouth couldn't open
But somehow I managed to yelp out those words
When this was happening I heard a voice say
"We had to do it. It had to be done. We love you." [I think for me to move on to the next stage..of my life?]
Then dream and reality blurred as I woke up
Woken up by my sister who entered my room and said "Are you alright? I heard you call out for help"
I said yeah, I just had a bad dream...

Anyone have any clue what this bizarre dream means??
Also, I'm a guy in real this pregnancy was surreal.



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I have a lot of life goals from business successes to rekindling family relationships to fitness goals to relationships...


Of course dream symbolism is both a cultural and personal thing, so my take on this may not resonate with you. Let's give it a try anyways.

Pregnancy takes a while, so you may have been working towards a specific goal in the not so distant past. You've been working on it, thinking about it, planning, preparing, etc., and finally you gave birth. You caught a glimpse of it and it seemed perfect, better than you could have dreamt it. And it was yours, your creation. Unfortunately it was short-lived. Maybe because people in your environment (friends, family) thought is was not good for you and messed with your success. Maybe it was divine invention (if you are a religiously or spiritually inclined person). Of course you were shocked, tried to keep it going as it died right before your eyes. But it looks like people were not coming to your aid when you cried for help. So they may not have actively "killed" it, but they most certainly didn't step up to rescue it.

Note that this scenario doesn't have to be in the recent past. It could be that you are currently passionately working on something, and the dream reflects your worries about the future. Maybe you feel that your environment is not supportive of your pet project.
It could also be that you are currently thinking about investing (time or money) into a new project, but the memory of a bitter failure in a more distant past is surfacing now.

Hope you find out what this dream wants to tell you.