Bad dream overall


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In a hotel looking for Oprah, she had the entire floor to herself and lots of stuff/ items everywhere. ( I really had no desire to want to find her) but I could hear her digging around in a room somewhere so I decided to leave. There were some housekeepers that asked me what I was doing. I told them I was looking for Oprah and I continued to leave but the ceiling seemed lower. I got on an elevator and went up floors. I recall sitting down in the elevator not enjoying the ride up. I reached a room where my mom was. There two beds and it seemed as if other family members were there but not in the room at the time. There were clothes and bags on the bed. I told her I wanted to lay down. She said that I could not and that I had to lay on the floor. I recall her becoming very distraught and we started arguing. There was a swimming right pool outside of the room with junk around it. There was something very odd about this pool. We were fighting and she fell in, she died a horrible death as if the pool water was corrosive and she dissolved in a struggle; it was terrible. There was something about a giant water pump connected to the pool with a steel concrete cap that needed to be moved to fix the problem, however it was immovable.