Being naked in front of my crush in a dystopian world


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I feel I had the same dream many years ago just a lil different. I don’t remember much except how I was in like a post apocalyptic earth w like earth bound ship jets things. I think there were 4 ships each on a different area of Earth and I was on one and apparently Alex (my crush) was also there but he was going to another ship. I forgot what happened but I somehow ended up completely naked at some point and I didn’t want Alex to see me naked so I kept shifting around trying to cover myself but he just gave me either his clothes or clothes that were laying around somewhere else and he was unfazed, had this like warm look in his eyes, didn’t even talk to me while I was all flustered and red. There seemed to be like an understanding in his eyes. Then he went on his own ship and flew off to the destination while my ship went somewhere else.
I’ve had other dreams where I’m also naked and Alex again tries to give me clothes to put on and he seems like the only person who isn’t judgemental (when there’s other people) and quickly tries to help. IRL we talk semi often and he considers me a good friend and he tries to have me open up about certain things and issues.