Being on the future and a giant Sand Dune burying my car


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So I had an odd dream very fragmented. I dreamt I was in the future I could tell becuase all around me in a car park were futuristic cars. I was going around trying to ask what my personalised number plate should be. I know I had a car which was old technology in the future becuase it was petrol powered. No one would tell me what my personalised number plate should be, I ended up talking to a guy who was angry at me becuase apparently I wasn't treating the car right. He kept telling me technical jargon that didn't make any sense. After a while he calmed down. I think I told him something. Then and this is where it gets fragmented inwas on my way to see my aunty who has dementia (that part is true) inwas driving a car (The a fire mentioned car) it was a crappy red Nissan Micra (my dad's old old car) anyway i get flashes of my aunty with dimentia in my mind and fragments of conversation. Then I realise I am there but I'm parking on a huge sand dune, as I'm walking away I remember seeing the car about 3/4 buried but thought "Meh it doesn't matter I will remember where it's parked" then I wake up...... at 3am on the dot 😈 anyone know what this might mean?.