birthday party with security cameras, boy coming into service

The night before last I had these two dreams. In the first dream I was a elementary school girl and I was having a birthday party- a pool party in my backyard. But there was I'm guessing this rich blonde girl coming to the birthday party and I assume that the rich girl's parents was afraid of her being kidnapped- so the only thing is that the girls who weren't rich, espically my character, had to have sort of water-proof secuirty cameras on them at all times but the rich girl didn't. I remember my character tried to protested but my "in-dream" parents didn't give in. Even though the swimming pool was in my family's backyard.. at somepoint during the party my character convinced the rich girl to do something drastic and we went somewhere in my real-life town where there's no sidewalks but there is a lot of grass but there are houses and streets. But after walking for a bit we found a normal place.. but my character suddenly lost the blonde girl somehow and I think I somehow "Knew" she been kidnapped. So I raced home and cried to my in-dream family in the dream. I woke up to go to the bathroom

Then in the second dream.. I was a teen boy reading a book in a kitchen right in front of the fridge- I think the in-dream, this dream parents were getting a divorce. I do remember the title of the book had something to do about servants. My in-dream parents, said neither of them could afford to um keep me so they suggest I go into domestic work at like a royal palace or something, but I was woken up before the dream could continue.