Bizarre dream.


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What I remember from the dream is I was at a man's house who reminded me of my grandfather except he was more of a scum bag. The house was very dirty and he didn't smell good. I believe I was living there. There was this weird instructional thing I was following for household clean up. I believe meth was involved but I didn't see it or use it, I just remember it from various conversations. It had a precieved breaking bad tone.

Later on it shifted into another story line. I started to look like Ryan O'Reilly from oz. I got sucked into the air by a beam of light touching towards the roof and when I came back down my skin was cut like someone had pealed it in a spiral. It didn't hurt and I wasn't bleeding but it was falling off. Later on in the story line it was all tighten together.

When it was cut down there was no act to it. More of a immediate process. It just happened. My whole body was mangled. Like a pencil eraser being sharped. I don't remember what led up to it but I don't think it was anything.

Beyond this I was actually happy or indifferent in the story. I remember there was this weird creepy poem about a duck and I was left at a bar by someone I associated with negatively during the dream. The duck story was oddly violent but was a kinda cute stupid story. No way to explain it.

Then I had Marie White from breaking bad as a mother. I was with a dog, a border collie and we were in a field in what I can only assume was undeveloped pennsylvania. She was telling me how she had to leave and early 1900s hatfield pa. After that she got into a car and sped away without me. I wouldn't call this a nightmare because I had no negative emotions towards the whole thing but it would call it an extremely ****ed up and disturbing dream.

I don't even know where to begin with it. I don't have any idea what the point could be and the ones I can make are not good. Can anyone help me find out. Usually I have very nice, fun dreams and I wouldn't call this a nightmare. There was no emotion towards any of it. It was just bizarre.

This was originally posted on a forum I frequent but it adds more context

" I just don't know who else to bring this up to. I don't expect the best replies but it was like the "Blood Meridian" of dreams. It seemed violent things were happening and moving throughout without a linear story line. It just happened with no plot or character of any depth and if there was it was my own self. Even that was changed. Me, looking like another man and a frankenstein monster on top of that by the end. Literally ripped apart and looking loose even when tightened back up."

" I had taken a small dose of mushrooms today but it wasn't good things that were coming out of my head. It think it was all the negativity coming out. Earlier when it kicked it I had my eyes closed in a trance like state and all of these bizarre images of evils started being projected as visuals. Ghost and monsters. A crazy testimony from a dissolved little girl. I just let it pass through. I am feeling great and not having any bad thoughts. Maybe it was all the horrors I know being expelled. 📷

I had a unattached feeling with most of it. I didn't identify with any of it. It was just happening and I let it go through without thought. "