Bizarre 'Romance' During Interview


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Had a really puzzling dream today which I can't seem to get out of my head - in the dream, I was in a job search (as I am in real life now), and apparently I'd gotten an interview with some company. At this 'interview', a woman my age (who worked for the company) was - for some reason or other - was helping me with this mixture between an interview and a written application at a desk. She wasn't anyone I knew, but more like an amalgamation of many people who I've known/have made connections with - short, plain-looking (albeit cute) and clearly intelligent.

As I was filling out this paperwork, she and I were talking - I don't recall about what, but it was nothing risqué or anything like that. It was clear, however, we were forming a connection. Then, at some point, as I'm filling this out, she begins - very gently, more 'cute' and 'sweet' than seductive - kissing me on the neck, cheek, and so on. It didn't really click with me mentally at first, but as it goes on, it draws me out more and more - I eventually 'lean back' to rebound and understand what is going on, and at this point we are face to face. I don't really have much spacial awareness during dreams, but I believe I was in a chair and she was on the desk - we were basically eye level. Her suit is off, and a sleeve of her blouse/strap of her bra is off her shoulder and drooping on her arm, to which I finally realize what's going on. I ask something along the lines of "are you serious?" not in an angry or indignant way, but in an "are we doing this?" sense - to which her face completely shifts into a sort of realization, but almost more like anger - she fixes herself, gets up, and after some words I don't remember, walks away. The actual play-by-play of events afterwards I don't recall (assuming they happened at all), but the gist was I didn't get the job (with the implication being it was as a result of the incident), and I spent the end of the dream apologizing to her through her manager (for reasons that escape me).

I have my own interpretation of what it could be (relating to burning a candle at both ends rather than committing to any one path), but I would definitely be curious for thoughts. For added context (if it would be of use/pertinent to someone's interpretation) I do have a girlfriend, though the relationship is somewhat rocky, for reasons unrelated to work or similar circumstances - I have not cheated, but I have been tempted before.
Well, the only reason that you did not get the job, was the fact that you were not totally lacking integrity, and started to shed attention to what was going on.
When you now comes into these jobinterviews in daily life, you must sharpen your attention to what is really going on here, if you are to have some other work than a gigolo that is taken advantage of. You must protect your lifeforce if you are to live.
You are excusing your behavior , but the feelings of shame in the situation with this woman on this occation is completely on her side, but when you swim in water you will be aware of all the things in the pond, and here you are saying "shame on me" instead of feeling the shame and realise that it was shame on her.
Good luck , Arnfinnius