Carrots, priest, people dying.


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My family had been growing carrots in the garden. In this dream, my neighbour, an old biker, was our lodger. He and my family ate some of the carrots from the garden. The rest got turned into skincare products of the "Yes To Carrots" brand. We put some of the skincare products on, I wasrubbing an orange cream, moisturiser or something, into my face. Then I was in the living room and my father was unconscious on the floor. My sister said our mum was unconscious too, in the annexe of our house. I called an ambulance, then called the local priest who helped us a lot (in the dream, not IRL). He said he would come round. I went into the annexe to check on my mum but she was fine, standing and conscious. She said my dad was fine and that he was just lying down because of a nasal problem. I was angry with my sister and called the priest to cancel his visit but there was no answer as he was already on his way. I was mortified that I had made him come all the way out here for nothing.

Then there was a very young married couple where the wife died. She died at the height of her beauty and slimness and I was a litte jealous that she'd never get fat or old. Then I realised, while she'd still had physical beauty she'd never had a chance to grow and develop her soul, which is what really counts. Maybe she'd even go to hell if her soul wasn't good enough. I realised that your soul is more important that physical beauty.