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typed into iosnotepad immediately after disrupted from rem, unedited with typos etc:

caterpillar symbiosis with cartots, can cause one growing csrrot yo come under hypnosis causing it to change thr geneolohy of the carrot into pumpkin. making the vegetable unafraif of being etean so grown crazy roosts and large instead of narrow and discreet like carrot.

that was a story i was told at visiting this weird food house after school one day.

visiting some special neighbour house where this was told to me. seats very limited after school (would get there ealry) would lose seat to stand up and get second round of food. several dishes there were in iabundance would never tun out. some toast pesto thing. .. some kind of grains dish. some kind of drink. people would just visit this house for the free food. was also some paid dishes, these were like third party vendors, a lot of conversation at the house revolved around these, first was one company making few flavors of jelly or maybe was yorgurt and their top flavour was strawverry (packed with lots of sugar was rumored) then another conpany muscled in with something purple maybe tropical and started taking all the new business. these "dishes" were small anx cheap incremented like £1. plastic or eaten on the go without the houses utensils. these third party companies were grass roots and not large entities.
majority if people at the house were okd and would attend sfter work, i didnt know anyone, i would use the house as a kind of game to eat as much free food and listen to stories from the more outspoken guests. you would get the dishes in cycles by moving through the congested rooms and queing up.

i remember the owner of the house being skme kind of new age hippy but very polite and clean, not 70s hippie sterotype. each day when the house was closing up to guests you would see the food start to run out (since no one is making refills at a certain time) people would die down and start to leave. i would always stay to the end getting last few bits, would recognise other faces doing the same like fiends.
i think the house would still be open to guests for all the night but people leave when the food goes, kind of funny shows they are just using the house or maybe they saw it as a game too. remember would be awkward when just couple of us hardcore scavangers would be left with the owners.
all conversatuon at the house seemed to be food related only.
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