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Hi, i'm new to this forum however not to the topic. I read and posted in two other forums. I will write a little bit more about myself next time. If you haven't realised by now...english is not my mothertong, I'm austrian. (I'm thankful for corrections too ;-) )

Now a short dream from my friend eva. I know its difficult to help with an interpretation of a third person but I'm glad about any new viewpoints I can then discuss with my friend.

She parked the car of her dad near the place where her best friend lives. Then she returned in the late evening. There was snow on the car and it was very dark. She saw that the luggage compartment was open. There were cats in the car. She figured that they saught shelter there. She tried to expel them. One reacted fiercely and she was a little scared.

Thanks for your ideas.


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Hi Mary

Your post was from a few months ago, so I'm not sure if you will get this. I will keep my reply reasonably brief, but I'm happy to expand if you get back to me.

I am a Dream Analyst and I work with dreams using Jungian Psychology, which has had a very positive impact on my own dreamwork.

Your friend's dream is a very potent one. In the Jungian world, we don't do one-off interpretations because with dreamwork, we need to first understand a little more about the dreamer - I cover this here -

But to give you an overall idea of why I believe this is an important dream for your friend, I will mention a few things. The Cat symbol often appears in dreams regarding the dreamer's relationship with their own feminity. (This can be for both females and males). It's likely the car symbolises Eva herself (as the carrier of the cat - Eva's own femininity) The reality that the dream setting was very cold (snow) and very dark, likely shows that Eva's relationship with her own femininity is fractured and needs to be nurtured and healed. The fact that there were multiple cats in the dream emphasises that there is real need for the dreamer to embrace their feminine side. It's also quite helpful to know that the dreamer did not seek to pat or befriend the cats, rather she wanted to push them out and one cat reacted fiercely, indicating there is real tension between the dreamer and her feminine side. It's actually quite a beautiful dream in that it identifies some powerful healing work to attend to.

I hope this broad reflection on the dream is of help. Jungian Psychology (and Depth Psychology which I also use) are quite different from traditional psychology models. There is a really good introduction video to Jungian & Depth Psychology by James Hollis on the home page of my site.

Feel free to get back to me if you would like to discuss anything I have raised here.