Christianity, it gives us: Origin, Purpose, Morality and Destination


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It's what everyone on this planet searches for their entire lives, yet it's in the Holy Bible and right under their noses.

There are reasons people aren't interested: Sin is too much fun! It's a rush and fun at first (although it's actually a trap as in alcohol, porn, theft, sex, drugs, gambling ect...). Pride is another pitfall and so many if not most people just go these routes, and many times it kills them.

But I believe God created the universe and the perfect balance of the earth, sun, moon, magnetic field, 02, rain, and countless other things to sustain life. The amazement of life and all it's forms just didn't come out of nothing. It wasn't some accident anymore than the Mercedes or Kia in your garage was an accident. Someone designed everything that exists and with life, there is careful and meticulous design well beyond our understanding.

God has given us a purpose as we are the pinnacle of his creation as we are here to serve Him and each other. Our moral compass is somewhat still intact in the US but fading quickly by throwing God under the bus in our schools and court systems. Our destination is to stand before Him and be accountable with what we did with the life he gave us. His gives eternal life to those who repent from their sins and are born again into the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The problem with all this as mentioned is sin. He gave mankind our own choice and we chose to become our own gods. We see it everyday... the rich, the celebrities, the sports stars. We worship them, some may even worship themselves. It hasn't been working out too well. Satan wanted to be God too and was kicked out of heaven, and so his mission is to destroy humanity. Jesus came down here to tell us all that and offer himself as a sacrifice for our broken and sinful nature because he knows none of us are righteous, but out of love he wants us pure to enjoy a glorified life that we can't even comprehend.
Repent and become born again, leave all that sin garbage behind... it's not exactly easy God is gentle and will refine you who truly have embraced God. We are work in progress.

Note; Another reason people don't buy Christianity; False profits or in essence the TV evangelists who tarnish the Holy name of God in the interest of making boatloads of money. They turned Christianity into a circus side show... but you have to weed these clowns out. The truth is still there if anyone wants to dig deep and find it. It's certainly worth finding eternal life.

Read the Gospel book of John and then the book of Romans if you want to know the truth of the matter.

Romans 10:9
'Because if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you shall be saved'.

1 Corinthians 2:9
'Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man, the things God has prepared for those who love Him'.

Share your faith in Christ here if you are a Christian, thanks! :)


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Well. Yes. Growing up in the west I think so. Although I feel a connection to Hinduism as well as Christianity.

But I struggle with the modern incarnation of it. Protestantism in particular, but the Catholic side has issues too.

What I take issue with is the rise of Descartes dualism that has sort of defined the way religion is thought about for most people. The idea that there is a material world and a spiritual one. This also resulted in materialism later.

Besides I do not like this obsession about scripture and words in modern Christianity and Islam. You can not reduce the divine or god to words. The divine begins when words are not enough in my opinion.

I am split between idealism and some versions of pan-psych-ism. Where spirit, mind, soul, awareness…whatever you call it is the substance of reality. Not some strange construct of matter.

So I think God is the “mind at large” as Kastrup call it. And we are individual expressions of God. And I do not agree that God created the universe. Rather creating it, it is a process going on that we are part of.