collecting shreds of a dead woman


I had this dream about two days ago.

I participated in an event of sorts that I don't remember, now I enter a room. There are tables lined up to my right. People are queuing, a man greets them. I go past the people into the room. I'm not a member of this community, and people eye me suspiciously but no one says anything. The community is religious, Muslim or Jewish maybe, or could be something different, but I'm getting oriental vibes. I wear a scarf on my head like all the other women.

The room is laid out with handmade carpets. I walk through the room and images come to me. There's blood on the floor, not sure if I'm the only one who can see it. A woman has given birth in this room. Later she was dragged and than beaten to death. She was also chopped to pieces.
I ask the man who greeted everyone where her remains are. He doesn't want to reply, but I pressure him and he finally reveals that her remains are strewn and hidden all over the place. He moves a piece of furniture and behind it I find a piece of her flesh. I lift a carpet and there's another piece of her underneath. I look around to find more pieces.

I walk down a hallway and pass a room full of people, some or all of them are women, the door is wide open. Far in the back is a woman, I notice her jet-black hair and her piercing gaze. She stares at me with disdain.
I come back later from a different direction, passing that same room. The woman is sitting next to her husband now. People are talking. The woman is prompted to do something, but I don't recall what. She gets up, saying she needed to fetch something. She goes to the first room and is trying to find some pieces of the dead woman's flesh, but since I collected all the pieces already, she can't find any. She's not pleased.

This is as far as I recall the dream
Seems to m to be very clear symbols of the modern world and it's approach to life.
The handmade carpets seems to indicate the manmade structure of the happenings your watching there.
A woman has given birth there, and she is slaughtered, to give all her life and fruitfulness to energize this system. You do not approve this, you question it, and starts collecting the bits, when all is collected on the same spot, they will unite to life again within you, so you will be fruitful as God gave to you.
The others disapprove your uniting act, and the woman, with jetblack hair is showing you the impact of the difference for you in society.
You want the fruitful inner mystery of renewals from within, your way is the only religious in the place described.
shattering our ground nature for fastmeals is leading up to immense suffering.
God be with you , daughter that Mother Mary can be proud of.
Blessings Arnfinnius
I would just like to add, Karla,

That it seems fairly clair, both in modrn society and in the dream,

That we speak about the dividing of our sexuality, from fruitfulness to some kind of eating.

I know that the Japanese population is falling in numbers,

but that is only a secondary reflection,

I am speaking of fruitfulness on all levels of life,

Buddha is one of the most fruitful humans that lives,

and His fertility is ever lasting.

In Genesis we are told about the central tree of the garden, shall not be eaten of it’s fruits,

One of it,s clear locations is our sexuality.

When we eats of it , it loses it,s renewing quality,

and we begin to degenerate,

and if done on bodily levels,

it become almost impossible for us to uphold fruitfulness on more subtle levels of life.



Alright, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying, but I'll think it over.
Thanks anyways^^