Consistent environments and locations in dreams


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I've always had fairly vivid dreams now and again, and I've been noticing ideas and locations appearing again and again. A lot of it was just current stuff, things like changing school, which makes sense, and things I liked/was scared of. However, some seemingly inconsequential things kept on appearing again and again. The first example I remember is a theme park, usually with 2 or 3 colourful and weird rides, that I would see from time to time. I clearly remember a ride closing and getting upset by it. Another thing I remember is the graffiti art stuff. Street art is big where I live, with the fairly famous artist My Dog Sighs, who's son I was friends with, starting here (his art featured heavily in my dreams.) I used to have an irrational fear of this one painting of a grinning balloon thing by another artist (the picture) which became a common dream antagonist and still is today. Every time I saw an area full of street art I would be scared of seeing this balloon thing and other creepy graffiti, and event which still happens a lot in my dreams despite the fact that the original picture still doesn't scare me in real life. It and variations would pop up all over town, especially in the many playgrounds that featured prominently. I remember a twisted version looming over a square several times, trying not to look at it. More recent, recurring locations in dreams have became very common. I often cycle or walk a down an twisty road through a small churchyard with an abandoned building (which I recall had a cult in it at one point) at the back. I also often cycle down a long road down a track through a big field, passing a playground. I also remember another brightly lit several road based on a real one, but different enough. The view of town from the hills outside are often similar, as are the environments away from it. I remember going to a city where the roads and building were high above the grounds, and a London that was absolutely obsessed with trains. Trains often feature, as do cars, running to catch them, running away from them, seeing people on them. I have lots of dream of cars breaking down or crashing and having to walk aside a public road. I also stay in weird hotels, and round friends houses a lot, something that doesn't happen often in reality Most other places are based on twisted reality, experiences and thoughts. I'm sure there are other examples but I can't remember them, and I'm sure some are deja vu. The weird thing is how familiar my dream worlds feel, and it often feels like a real and grounded place, and I love being there most of the time. I would love to visit it in control, which is why I'm practising lucid dreams. I will keep a journal as well to see how things develop. Any thoughts?