Corresponding Dreams: The Catfish and The Opossum


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These are two dreams I've had quite often and depend on how my mood was throughout the day- I've tried to interpret them before with little results, maybe they're just a bit to weird or maybe I'm not looking in the right place- I'm not sure anymore but here we go:

The Catfish is correlated with negativity while The Opossum is correlated with positivity, I haven't had the catfish dream as much as I've had the other one but in some weird way they feel connected to eachother.

The Catfish

The dream where I’m out with my friends at night, were all intoxicated and playing on that tiny playground behind that church near the river. Sometimes they’re naked and it varies on who- but they’re all from High School. I’m sitting on the bank watching the water flow when all of a sudden a giant white catfish the entire width of the river and the length of a school bus float’s by so calmly- no one else notices it or acknowledges it- just me and this catfish. When it crosses my path all of a sudden it looks to me with crystal blue human eyes and it says "I am real and you are not." All I can feel is anger and aggression. With heavy breathing I watch it until it disappears from view under the bridge. Part of me wants to follow it- but instead I always just go to join my friends in the dark, despite the urge to hunt it down. Then the dream ends. Recurring- but usually only when I go to bed stressed out. Sometimes I wake up gasping for breath like I had just been underwater.

The Opossum

I’m at my old house by the woodstove, I’m sitting in the rocking armchair with my cat asleep on my lap. A cup of coffee in my hand, a blanket over me as I watch a crackling fire. Everything is calm. This started happening after I visited from college when the ceiling fell and you could see the floorboard from upstairs. I just happened to glance to the exposed crawl space and see an opened-mouth opossum staring back. She’s just there and I don’t feel scared or shocked- she eventually turns to me- those beady black eyes meeting mine and I know everything is all okay. All alright. I drink my coffee and close my eyes and just breathe. Recurring- I only have this dream when I’ve had a really good day and I wake up feeling very refreshed.

These are probably the weirdest dream I have and I just really want some answers.

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the fish is probably right, Isnt that a predicimaent? but i wouldn't follow him, ya know; he's a catfish. I wouldn't trust your friends, or that 'possum either. It's only a dream, right?.
Per a dream dictionary:

To see a catfish in your dream symbolizes someone who may not appear to be who they are. Their true self may not be obvious or immediately apparent.

To see a possum in your dream indicates that something may not be what it appears to be. You need to dig deeper and look for the hidden meaning of some situation or circumstance.

So apparently, both dreams may have similar meanings.