Dead relative in my dreams


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A few months ago on march 31st, my grandad died which was a few days before my birthday. Since then i've often had dreams about him but they're disturbing and strange, take earlier today as the one i remember more clearly. I was getting ready for my last day of school and i was happy, it felt very real too as I felt pain whenever i would stub my toe or brush my hair. At the time, I didn't feel like i was dreaming till i got outside. It was cloudy, but still very bright and my grandad was standing in the garden i saw him but no one else did. I hugged him and started to cry, but he didn't speak or make any sign to hug me back until i tried to pull away. He grabbed me and refused to let me leave, no matter how many times i pulled away when i did manage to break free however he was gone. My dream continued on like it was my normal last day of school but i would see him watching me no matter where i went, offering his arms to hug me but i felt disturbed for some reason. When it was the end of the day, i saw my grandad again and he hugged me this time but he also spoke to me. I was never able to figure out what he said as his voice sounded like static every time he spoke but he definitely was speaking and when he finished, i woke up from the dream to my dog barking at my bedroom door.

Does anyone know what this dream means? or have any advice at all that can help me?