Dead Twin


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I normally have dreams and they always have a meaning or a message. Today I had this dream and I don't know what it means. So I dreamnt that I was pregnant with twins and that I didn't know until I was already in labor. I gave birth to the boy but the girl had died inside of me and I couldn't deliver her because It wasn't a full term pregnancy so I had to wait to deliver her normally, anyway the boy I remember naming him "Azrael" I never heard this name before but it stuck to me when I woke up, I searched it up on Google and apparently he's an archangel (the angel of death). Does anyone know what that means?
I would look closely in to what happened 9 months ago to come to an understanding of the nature of the unconscious pregnancy , and find what level of your life this occurs in. The Angel of death is a tremendous being to give birth to in this endtimes we're moving into. It might come to your enlightment if you gives space to the feelings related to the girl. But you do not have to despair because of Him , he does what God wants, so it is a kind of blessing , even though we might not always see it as one.

Kind Regards Arnfinnius