Deja vu - synchronicity


I have been having a lot of lucid dreams lately, and I have noticed a synchronicity, I got my old dream diary out from years ago and discovered I had seen these items before, there they were I had drawn them years ago, and experienced them now which where I big importance to my awakening, it was like Deja vu, I remember the dreams well but I didn’t know what they meant back then, and they are all linked to my spiritual awakening, it is like I dreamed of the future, and it happened! Somehow the unconscious told me these items are going to be very important, I literally was shocked, I couldn’t comprehend it, and It just shows how important it is to write any dreams that don’t make sense, as one day they may, and Deja vu - I believe it’s because we have seen a glimpse of the future, that’s why I feel like we have been there before, because we have unconsciously. There is so much we don’t understand about the brain and dreams.