Delivering things

I was on this line that was delivering things on a topless rocket wagon. The delivery rocket wagon was on a route like a bus but the driver was giving us the items to deliver, no boxes or packaging. I say rocket wagon because it was incredibly fast and made of wood, but there wasnt actual rockets on it. This last ride the driver and other passengers really didnt like me and was totally rude. We rocketed up this hill and I requested they stop because we were way past where I needed to be. He kept going and pretended he couldnt hear me. So, the driver eventually reversed his engine and rocketed backwards down the hill to the bottom then I jump off and they start throwing me items, first one was a thing with a long handle like a plastic headed rake but sort of scoop like. They throw smaller items onto the rake head and I carefully balance the items on there as other people, the citizens, greedily snatch a lot of the items before I can get to them. Theres about five small items on there and the citizens take twice as many that landed on the ground before I can retrieve them.

I go slowly up the skinny street. This was obviously medieval times. The people were crude and to modern standards very poor even in dress. Their clothes were hand made and were not of plastic or metal, just cotton. This was Europe, cant tell what country, but they sounded like a strange language. So I got these small items on a rake and I'm trying to protect them as I slowly walk up this alley street. There's stone in the street with a dirty ditch straight up the middle. The buildings are boxlike and pale in color. I guess some of them are gardening, pulling weeds or something, but I am finding difficulty understanding what is going on, because theres no plants, starting to see that this is a dream, then I awaken.