Different dreams about the one man


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Hi everyone!

Im new here.
I have often had dreams that would later come true. It used to freak me out because i thought i was going crazy. I would have a dream and then a couple days or weeks (some have been years) later i would see it play out in real life. Ive got used to it over the years but theres one that has stood out that has been different to the others and was hoping someone on here would share their thoughts on it.

For several years now ive been having dreams about a man called Ryan. Green eyes, brown hair, fair skin, tall but not lanky. If i were to see him in real life id instantly recognise him because of how often ive had dreams about him. The first ever dream i had about him i was in a little boat on a huge lake, the little boat was making its own way and i ended up at this wooden deck that came out over the lake and this man, Ryan, was there to help be get off this boat. The most recent dream which was last night, i was walking around my suburb for exercise and he was walking towards me with his dog and he took him in his arms, we started walking together with his arm around my waist. Was crying when i woke up because yeah i long for that touch, i havent had a partners kind of touch in about 7 years, but also because i dream of this guy so much its almost frustrating!

I dont know anyone called Ryan, i dont know anyone that even looks like this man in my dreams. Is this just me really wishing i had what i see in my dreams or is there some other meaning for seeing the same man in so many different dreams?
Does this Ryan bloke, look like, or resemble any famous/renown men whether they are actors, musicians, sports men, or other?
And you don't know any blokes with the name of Ryan, ok, so do you reckon he could be your bloke?
Have you put the other dreams of him on this forum?


If you know the color of his eyes, then you have seen his face. Ryan may only be a mental aspect of yourself with green eyes (green is the color of growth and eyes are what you are seeing). In the first dream, you are in a small boat (limited mobile consciousness) on a huge lake (large emotional concept) but you are not in control (boat is making its own way). Then you come to the deck where Ryan (mental aspect of self) helps you out of the boat and keeps you above the emotion. In the most recent dream, you are walking in your suburb (large open consciousness). Ryan took him (dog = tamed lower or animal nature) in his arms (what you are embracing mentally). Then he walked with you while putting his arm around your waist (has embraced your perceptions).

It seems to me that Ryan is your spiritual guide. Most people don't ever see the face of their guide until they understand that he or she is their perfected self. I can tell you what the symbols in the dream mean in my understanding, but only you can determine how the symbols fit in your life.

If you are unsure as to their meaning, then ask the question "Who is Ryan?" as you are going to sleep. Do this each night until you get an answer.

I have been working with dreams for more than 30 years and even wrote a book about how to interpret them, but I am still the first to admit that everything I believe may be wrong. I wish you success in meeting Ryan.