Disney, malls, and handcuffs

I had these two dreams they're weird but for some reason they both involved handcuffs in weird ways. They also both in a way involved Malls. Also Disney characters or representations of them appeared as well.

In the first dream I apparently was a First Person (Native American). I was in a mall I think. I can't remember what I was doing in there.. but at some point I was going to sit down but there was a sign-can't remember what it said..but it was important something about not touching the chair or something? But somehow I didn't see it, So I somehow I undo it, and this cop guy showed up like the guy who pushed the Raptor's president last year- and for some reason starts yelling at me, and for some reason I can't remember handcuffs me. I think he takes me somewhere (not a cell-but to like a desk. But then this guy sort of like Pochantas' John Smith sort of comes swinging out of nowhere (sort of like how Prince Charming in the 3 Disney Cinderella movie does) and then the dream turns weird -that somehow the two of us start running in the mall = we end up on what I thought was a slide, but it turns out to be some kind of weird conveyor belt of sorts.. I can't remember excatly what happened but somehow the guy who chasing us somehow ended up in front of us on the convyor belt, he went to touching something and it was like hot or something. But then the dream kind of went into some kind of backstory- but then I woke up to go to the bathroom.

Then in the 2nd dream..it started out with me first being kind of being in a English Nobility house hold (Think Downton Abbey) There were three people, myself, someone else-who I think was suppose to be my character's mother and the 3rd person apparently was going from being a guy to being a Transwoman- and we were having tea.. and I guess the transwoman was a guest at my house, I think she had a female lover in the servants' wing. Since she asks if she could go downstairs and then It switches to a female perspective-it still looks like the servants' quarters of Downton Abbey. A female servant had a locket, and she goes upstairs-ie "the attic" or something simliar, and then a couple of minutes later it could have been longer-its hard to tell in dream-time- she comes back into this attic storage room and go get stuff-and not only is her locket missing but towels, and I setware is also missing, she goes and gets I think a head footman-could have been a lower level footman, while anyway I think the footman was bad and I thin there was another footman as well and tried to blame the missing stuff on one of the other servants.. I think at first it was the female servant and then he blamed the other one.. but anyway the male servant who isn't the bad servant somehow gets accidently locked in, anyway by the time he gets out it the place has changed into something like a mall.. and I was trying to get out and at the topic of some stairs maybe escaltors- there was a ticket agent of sorts who wasn't letting me through. I can't remember what happened but the next thing I know is that I'm being handcuffed and throw into some kind of zoo- and then this Aladdin dude shows up the 1992 animated version not 2019 version- in a different 'cage' and then I wake up again.