Disturbing Dream about my Mom


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I have regular nightmares about my mom. Usually I'm screaming at her, telling her there's something wrong, but she's just laughing at me and completely ignoring me. Some times I'll screaming and also try to physically hurt her to desperately get her attention, but she just keeps laughing at me. It's horrible. I understand that one fairly well because, as a kid, I was telling my mom things that something was wrong in our home (my sister and brother trying to kill themselves, my dad's abusive anger, her stifling religion) but she always minimized or ignored my warnings. But last night I had a different kind of angry dream at my mom that feels more confusing to me. So I figured I'd try to see if anyone else can help me understand.

My parents (my mom in particular) were demanding I give them $100 for “family things”. My mom was the one who wanted it, but my dad was “fully supporting” her. I kept asking my mom to tell me what “Family things” she needed the money for, but she wouldn’t tell me, and just kept demanding that I HAVE to give it to her. I told her I’m adult now and that I don’t have to just give over money to them anymore – especially since she had just given me $80 dollars as a gift recently (not sure how I knew that, but I knew it was in my wallet). I forget exactly what she said, but she made some sort of jokingly snide comment (as she does) about how it’s her now, or something. I was so angry and felt so helpless that I was physically hurting my mom, pushing her down, hitting her, pulling her hair, but she didn’t even care – she just kept laughing and reassuring me that I had to give the money to her. I tried to ask my dad to help me out, with the same, I’m an adult so I don’t owe you argument, but he just told me that I had to do it and refused to explain what it was needed for. I had to “ask my mom” but she still wouldn’t tell me. While I was “busy” with my dad, I realized my mom had disappeared, and I knew she had gone downstairs to my room. I ran as fast as I could, but it was too late, she had grabbed my wallet and was laughing and meanly teasing me as she took my money. I think that’s where it ended..