Disturbing nightmares, meaning behind this?


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TW: death, cannibalism and dark themes in general

Hey there. I hope you guys can help me. I didn't find anything helpful on the internet so far. I do have some nightmares normally. But the last few days, they are different. Like totally different from normally. They happened now multiple nights in a row. Since I am the victim of cannibalism there, the internet says that the person is..."too much" for me to handle and such. But the tormentor are people that I dont know. So that doesnt really fit. But herr are the last two dreams I can remember:

Dream 1:
I was going out with some friends. We planned to visit a new city, wanting to see something new. On our way to the city we got hungry and tired. So with that we went to a hostel to get some food and rest. There was this older lady, looking similiar to my mother but still very different. For example my mother has short hair but the older lady had long one. The hostel was quite dark at the inside and I had this strange feeling that something was terribly wrong. But my friends said that everything was fine. With that I went to the cafetaria only to get locked up in there and waiting for people to finish me. Luckily I got out through a small window and while flapping my arms and using my legs to kick down, I could fly. But often times I still got closer to the ground, closer to the ones who wanted me to eat. I still gave my best to flee but it was so hard and they hurt me.

The second dream got way more graphic. So I wont get into detail about that one.
But I was a singer in there, could fly again and tried my best to fulfill every expectations, heal people randomly. While I was flying through rooms, going down a dark circular staircase, someone grabbed me and tried to bite me, ate me in the end. Sometimes I was able to flee but in the end the person got me. The pain felt so real in that moment. The problem is: I dont know the person who ate me.

At this point I really don't know anymore what I could change in my life to make them stop. I found this forum and hope anyone can help me with the meaning. Cause I can't stop thinking about those dreams.

Thanks in advance!
You feel that something is terrible wrong but your own intelligence is supressed of your socalled friends.
First you have to do is to in every second of life dear to trust your intelligence, your dream shows you very clearly that if you had listened, you would haved moved on differently. To be consumed is to be the source very fundamentally to others prosperity, with no concern to how this is for you.