Do others dream like I do?


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Here’s another dream from Oct 2021 that I shared on my Facebook page. I’m just trying to see if other people have dreams like mine, thanks.

I’m a crew member of a space military group. We are not all human. I do not know the exact date, but it must be centuries in the future. We are assigned to take back a star freighter that’s carrying an alien with the power of mind control. The alien was suppose to be a prisoner but it has overtaken the crew with its mind control.

We are a small team of five. We make radio contact and are allowed to board the ship. Everything seems normal but we know it’s not. One of our team members is able to see who is under mind control with his vision. But he’s not able to see who’s causing it. We use him to identify the possible threats and hopefully locate the alien in the beginning.

We think we have the upper hand but he’s one of the first we loss to the mind control. We quickly loss 2 more members in the same bay of the ship. The alien must be located in that area. We come across a large machine. If you look at the front of it, it controls you. I cover my eyes and make my way to the side of it. I’m looking for buttons, anything to turn it off. It knows I’m there. I have to act quick. I find a button… the machine looks like a big bulls head starting up into the sky with no horns or ears. The button is located just behind the eye. I press it….. the machine stays on but everyone comes out of the mind control state. I start to comfort my crew and begin to explain what happened. The machine turns back on…. I run over and quickly push the button again. The machine goes back too sleep.

We don’t know how to Turn it off, only how to keep it asleep. We take turns looking after the machine and pressing the button every time it wakes up. The plan it to fly the freighter to our base where we can offload the alien robot and imprison it properly.

We are all in the common area as we begin the long trip back. We are relaxed telling stories. There’s a large living version on the robot head mounted on the wall. It’s the size an average sedan. I don’t remember it being there before. Has it always been there? People behave like it’s normal. I follow suit and don’t worry about it. It tries to talk to us, but we agree to ignore it.

I’m sitting in a seat looking at a screen. One of my crew members (a college friend in real life) sits across from me doing the same. Another crew member (a female college friend) sits at a table near us. The 4th crew member is her boyfriend. The fifth crew member is our alien friend that resembles one of the alien characters from the video game Halo (the one with the light sword).

All seems normal. Then our alien crew member begins to talk to the giant alien head. He’s angry. He’s complaining about me. I try to convince him to stop talking to it, but he angrily says he knows what he’s doing. Somethings not right. The crew member across from me gets frustrated and leaves. Things are getting worse. The team is usually very professional at all times and show little emotion. Everyone’s beginning to behave out of character.

I need to check on the alien robot. He must be the cause of this. Did we loose control of him again?

I get up to make my way to the bay that’s holding him. I’m stopped by my team member. He’s angry and wants a response to his claim. I know it’s not him. I tell him I have to go, but he refuses to let me leave. I look down a corridor. At the end my teammate (college friend) is sleeping with our female teammate that’s dating the 4th member of our group. This is not normal, something is definitely wrong. I call attention to what’s happening down the corridor. As people look over I sneak out of the room. They hear me as the door shuts. I hear my name being called. The door opens behind me and I begin to run! They chase me, each of them angry at me for a different reason. Even the pair having sex have stopped to chase after me. There’s too many doors…. I can’t shake them. I begin to panic……

I wake up. I’m in a different ship. My crew is there. They ask me if I know what happened. I tell them I do. I understand that there’s an alien life form on the ship with the power of mind control and we are trying to stop it. They say “Yes”, except the alien isn’t a robotic bull head, instead it’s a small black cube. They tell me I touched the cube when it arrived and fell into a trance that I’m just now waking up from. They still don’t know what the cube is or what it can do.

I tell them about the bull head alien, and that I’m trying to stop it! They tell me I’m wrong. The bull head is the leader of our team. He is a on our side and a close personal friend of mine. I don’t remember knowing the bull. Is this true? What happened to my memories? Why do I still feel like the bull head is my enemy? Is this all from the cube I wonder? Where the events that happened faked to make me believe that my friend was my enemy? This must be how the cube defends itself, by turning its predators against each other. Even now, it still feels so real. I make up my mind…. I don’t trust or know the bull head. The crew is right to be worried about me. I’ve been compromised.

I wake up in real life.
Yes indeed do all who dreams in a way dreams just like you, and if they are near to your situation the symbols and structure can be quite alike too.
Have you landed on an understanding of the content of your dream ?


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Yes indeed do all who dreams in a way dreams just like you, and if they are near to your situation the symbols and structure can be quite alike too.
Have you landed on an understanding of the content of your dream ?

Thanks for the reply. I don’t try to interpret my dreams. I merely enjoy them for what they are. I’m quite fond of my dreams and often will try to sneak in a couple of extra minutes to see how things end lol. But dreams are like life, they carry on without an “end” like you would have in a book or a movie. It has happened before but only a handful of times. And going back to sleep to continue a dream is also difficult to do, but every now and then my mind will pick up right where I left off before I woke up.

Sometimes I feel very lucky to find myself meeting with an old lost friend or lost love. The placing is at a time where the friendship or love was at its greatest. And it’s not a memory being replayed, but instead feels very real like a brand new day where we have new conversations and visit new places we’ve never been to before. Those are some of my favorites.

Sometimes I know it’s a dream. I figure it either right away or sometime along the experience. Depending on how things are going I’ll decide if I want to wake up or not. I have no trouble waking up once I’m aware I’m dreaming. If the dream isn’t enjoyable then waking up can act as a “Reset” to start a different dream once I’m back asleep.

Just last last week I found myself in a dream where I had special abilities and people wanted to capture me before my abilities grew too strong. I was laying low waiting for my strength to build to a certain point. Before I was ready to reveal myself and fight back the people looking for me started getting too close to capturing me for my comfort. I decided I would approach them to attempt scaring them into backing off. Except my special abilities weren’t ready, so I was really just playing a bluff and hoping for the best. I went to the leaders house on top of a large hill. Once inside I recognized it as my parents home, except in the dream I had confused it as being my own current home. In the dream I struggled making sense why the villains house was also my house (villain was a different person than me. But how could we both be living in the same house?). In real life I live alone, some further insight, I have two large Senior age German Shepherds who’s health’s have started to decline. I’ve obsessed recently over doing everything I can to maintain their health. Back to the dream, Thinking I was in the same house as the people looking to wrong me, also seeing that somehow this is also my house (almost as if someone took 2 separate houses and seemlessly merged them that morning) I wondered where my dogs were. I then began to panic that they may have hurt my dogs. I asked someone there where my dogs where and that person responded that the dogs had been moved to a safe place for their safety. I demanded to see the dogs immediately, but they kept trying to reassure me that the dogs were safe. At that moment I came to realization I was in a dream. The other person was still trying to calm me when I told them not to worry, none of this was real anyways. They looked at me confused and I walked away. Still worried about the dogs I decided I was going to wake myself up to make sure they were ok. Before I went through with waking myself up I reasoned with myself “Stop! First calm down. This is a dream, your dogs aren’t here. The dogs are ok. When you wake up you will see them there laying next to you. Waking up now is not going to change that, but if you do wake up now you’re going to feel tired in the morning when going to work because you woke up in the middle of the night. Instead, stay here and let yourself sleep.” At that point I had let go of the previous plot of the dream. The plot still lingered there, possibly kept alive by my mind in the background, but I didn’t worry any longer of the villains of this story. If they arrived they were nothing more than figments of my imagination. In the dream I looked out the window of the house and saw my dad tending to the front yard. I decided I would go out to the yard and help him. Maybe try and spark up a conversation with this made up figment of my father. Just like in real life he was very friendly but didn’t talk much. He asks you about your day and encourages you to talk but won’t share much himself. Good old dad :). I spent the rest of the dream with him till I naturally woke up.