Doctor for a Mutant Ward (recurring dream)


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For a few weeks... actually close to months now I keep dreaming of a hospital wing full of... I'm going to say mutants. The bodies are straight out of a horror movie and parts of them literally liquify or ooze.

I'm always a worker there, a nurse or doctor. Sometimes I'd be running around working hard and one memorable time I just sat there the entire shift playing with my switch while others rushed by :lol:

Last night I was a new hire and complained about getting the ****tiest shifts because of it. Didn't help that it was THAT ward, nobody wanted to enter it let alone work there.

I kept trying to get a transfer but the only way out was to quit. I needed the job and money though so I couldn't do that... was tempted throughout the shift. The other doctors showed zero sympathy, I was at the bottom of the food chain so either put up with it or leave.


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Many possible approaches that I see here, and I don't feel confident embracing a single one. Maybe it reflects the virus situation, spun into a weird narrative (we're all subject to the media bombardment to one degree or another, and mutations are all the rage), maybe it's more psychological in nature and it's a compartment inside yourself you'd rather not revisit, yet your subconscious leads you back to it. A situation, an old problem thought solved, flaw. Maybe it's something completely unrelated. Perhaps something resonates with you :p