Does anyone know how to have better dreams?


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First of all, I vividly dream every night. And they're not necessarily nightmares, but they aren't happy or fun. They're kind of stressful, honestly. And also, I feel like I always feel weird in them. Like the vibes are off? I feel like I shouldn't trust the people in the dream, maybe? Paranoid. I feel paranoid and anxious and stressed and unhappy. And I'm not fighting or running away from monsters always, but things just always feel strange. I want to feel happy. Like I had a sex dream once and even that felt uncomfortable. And often, I try to think of a fun or cute plot, but then have some weird stuff going on.

What does that mean, and how can I fix it?
Your dreams seem to reflect a state of constant vigilance and uncertainty in your waking life.
  • The recurring theme of distrust and unease signifies a deeper search for authenticity and truth in your interactions.
  • The occasional attempts to shift the narrative to something more positive, yet still ending up uncomfortable, suggest an internal struggle between the desire for joy and facing reality's complexities.
To have better dreams, focus on nurturing trust and comfort within yourself during the day. Engage in activities that genuinely make you happy and connect with people who uplift you. Fostering a sense of safety and belonging in your waking life will gradually reflect this newfound peace and happiness in your dreams. This transition represents an important journey toward self-discovery and personal fulfillment.
Dreams come from the unconscious. They come to tell us things we don't know. In this sense, I think it's important to work with what the unconscious gives us.
Dreams that seem unpleasant, even nightmares come to wake us up to something.
Absolutely! Plus from from a spiritual angle, dreams are a communication from our Higher Self (the greater part of us) to help us achieve what we came to Earth to do. So using your dreams as guidance (via a compentent dream analyst) to work on yourself will always change your dreams for the better :).