does lucid dream good?


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i have an experience about lucid dream last week and it was wonderful.
there is one question for me , if we can control our dream how can we know about our subconscious.
when we don't control our dream everything that is happening in dream is according our subconscious.and it shows our subconscious very clearly.

Agaric McFly

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Okay, so what you're postulating is that you can reach self-knowledge about yourself using lucid dreaming. However, that is just one possibility. And usually, people know themselves very well, it is not like back in 5000bc when people had no time, because harvest, hunting and gathering took all day. Like, if you want you can listen to a symphony and experience yourself whenever you feel like it. So, there is a question if the "Know thyself" is something we really need to worry about, as much as Greeks did. Because they might be out hunting, then run into a pack of wolves, or enemy tribe and that is a terrible time to figure out that you're a lover, not a fighter. Because then, you will probably die. But if something like that happens with us in 2020, you probably just change profession from bouncer to nurse, and suffer minor bruises.

Second, being lucid had nothing to do with stopping your subconscious. It is about being able to take a responsibility in your dream. So, you might be in a forest. So if you become lucid, you can respond with the ability to choose where to go, what to say and what to do. Being lucid just marks the point where you're able to enhance your own experience. It is therapeutic or simply damn good entertainment. It is also an opportunity to speak to the people who inhabit your dreams. It is an exploration.