Does this dream mean something?


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SO i just woke up and i had this dream, a pretty weird one, and I'm wondering if this dream has a meaning for you guys who knows about what dreams mean.

so i know that before this, i have been having more dreams but i cant remember them. What i remember from this dream is that i was walking somewhere, it was sunny and the grass was green. There were trees around me which is typical in Norway. So for weeks now i have been obsessed with this one girl on the internet, like she´s an actress from Norway, and i am OBSESSED. I recently started a tiktok user towards her. So in my dream i can remember that i was confused on why she didn't have tiktok, and i looked up and there were green hills. I think that i found her user when i looked up to the hill and she has videos of her riding horses from what i remember, and that's strange because i ride horses aswell, and i don't know if this means something?
Well lest move on! I walked up to that green hill and i saw THAT girl I'm obsessed with lying on a chair. Its strange cuz i can only remember her head lyin gon the chair and never seeing the rest of the body, but she was lying with her eyes opened and didn't move or say a word. In one of her tiktoks i can remember her and someone else saying "now we are going to watch euphoriaaaa" and when i looked on the computer, euphoria started playing, and it played euphoria scenes that I've never seen before (i have seen the series). And i watched and i cant remember seeing the characters or anything, but it was someone and i watched, right beside my idol and the girl is obsess with, and it felt like the wasn't there anymore. And there came a woman, but i cant remember what she said but i can remember that i kinda thought i was in a park where i could watch different series around the park at the end of my dream. I don't know what happened at the very end of the dream but i woke up from my alarm :/

I have never remember a dream so well as this and I'm excited to see if anyone knows a meaning behind this dream? :D