Dog with PTSD *trigger warning, suicide*


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I recently dreamed about my boyfriend's dog Chloe. In real life she's kind of aggressive, she doesn't let anyone pet her, but she will show me affection I just can't show any back. I dreamed I was in my boyfriend's house, he's currently out of town, and I see Chloe running down the hall. My house is kind of crowded and there is a soft spot in the middle of the floor in the hallway almost a hole. I hear a gunshot and Chloe starts running and whimpering, the people that are around are laughing like it's funny and no one seems to be scared of the gunshot. Chloe was terrified and so was I, but then I thought maybe it was just a firework, a few minutes later we noticed that there's a person in the hole in the floor and all that sticking out is the top of his head, and he had shot himself in the head. I saw the top of his bloody head and told myself to look away and it sunk in that I would never be able to unsee that. It was just a really sad dream and I got the feeling that Chloe was reacting to something she had experienced before. Like she has PTSD, and it kind of explained why she's so untrusting. I don't know if this was symbolic or literal, I don't know of any suicides in that house, but any interpretation I am interested.


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  • In your dream, Chloe represents vulnerability and the effects of past traumas, not just in animals but in all of us.
  • The laughter in response to the gunshot and the subsequent tragic discovery highlight a common but often overlooked reality: many suffer in silence, their pain invisible to those around them.
  • Your connection with Chloe, amidst her fear and aggression, suggests a deep empathy and understanding you carry.
This dream might be revealing your intuitive ability to perceive and reach out to those who are suffering, often without words. It's a call to action for more compassion and awareness in addressing the hidden struggles within ourselves and others.

While deeply sad, your dream underscores the importance of empathy and its potential to heal or support healing, emphasizing that understanding and kindness can be powerful antidotes to the scars left by trauma.
Dreams often focus in on something which is a key theme in your life. In real life your boyfriends dog could represent your inability to show affection to your boyfriend. Has this been a theme in your life just recently? Do you find it difficult to express yourself? Dreams use associations like this to point to themes in your own life.

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