Dream about an unknown man

Jolene Holmes

New member
Last night I dreamt about a man,he had black hair and really dark green eyes, I don't know who he is, I just know that he had lots of people working for him and that he was well respected.
It first started off with me and a colleague from work,she stole something and then it was said that this man was coming after us,note that I did nothing wrong.
I remember being very anxious and overwhelmed,i could feel these emotions.
It looked like a whole swat team,he then got out of one of the vans and just took my hand and led me to his car that somehow magically appeared out of mowhere,it was a black Audi.
At that moment i had no control,i just followed him,got in his car and went wherever he took me.
It was to a club,there was so much noise and flashing lights.
And then it seemed we had a relationship.
I remember kissing him,the kids felt real.
Probably a lucid dream,just felt like sharing it.