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I usually have pretty vivid dreams, and last night I dreamt I was jumping off a building onto a beach, and when I reached the bottom the sky bursted, and all of a sudden you could see a big galaxy, in my dream I was taking pictures of it and I said In my dream it only comes every 8000 years.. ive been trying to interpret the dream..
many questions, Well I'm wondering, when I hit the ground, was that me dying and me in the afterlife, or was it planet x coming into our solar system. Cause when I jumped off a building and hit the ground, and I saw the galaxy in the sky it was euphoric, like I was just pleased with everything, and i didnt hit the ground hard, it was like i had a parachute on and i just landed.
Or is it the annunakis trying to warn me about them coming back to the earth.
I'll interpret it centered in you. the building your jumping off is your ego structure your ancient structure of fighting for survival, and you leaves it. the beach is the boarder between feelings and physicality, in this conscious place where you watch the interaction , the sky opens and you have the ascending of something you have awaited for 8000 years, so what are you waiting for , time to jump eh ?