Dream about SAVING TURKEYS 😆


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I had a dream last night where my wife and I were living at her aunties old house in England, only that it wasn’t her place but an old friend of mine. It was wintertime and out of nowhere, a fat as turkey came inside and was kinda like wanting to stay inside. I didn’t want the turkey inside as it’s now where they belong. The turkey was pregnant and walked very slow.

I ushered it outside and carefully made sure it didn’t enter our bedroom as we didn’t want it to get the room dirty. It was very stubborn and semi distressed. It didn’t want to go outside.

Eventually it did - I realized why it didn’t want to be outside: it was a freezing winter. It was so cold, the turkey knew its fate and decided to lie down to freeze and die. I realized a second turkey outside had made the same decision. 😭 it was so sad. I tried to pick it up but it wouldn’t let me.

I rushed inside, cranked the heat in the home to real warm. Consciously deciding it was worthwhile dirtying the house to save the turkeys. I was about to rush outside again to forcefully bring in the turkeys and save them, when the dream ended.

I woke up feeling so sad I didn’t get to see them saved.
Animals often symbolize our instincts. When I think of the turkeys in this dream, they seem vulnerable and needing of help. I wonder if you are ambiguous about some vulnerable feelings that you have that are close to instincts. Maybe the desire to protect some part of yourself.