Dream analysis participant recruiting


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Hi there!

thank you so much for showing interest in this thread! my name is Courtney and i am an undergraduate student at university. i am conducting my final year research project and i would love to have the opportunity to interview willing individuals who have taken part in dream analysis as a method of Psychotherapy. The purpose of the project is to understand if individuals who have been exposed to dream analysis/interpretation have in some way been influenced through spiritual development.

if you have any interest in signing up to this research project, please feel free to private message me where additional information about the project will be discussed, as well as your participation. This project is completely voluntary and you may withdraw at any point if you wish to do so. Thanks again! i Look forward to hearing from you!



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Hello, Im not at all familiar with using forum or navigating it but am interested in participating in this analysis (for several reasons). I am 56 yrs old and have long been interested in dreams. I have depression also for a very long time. When I sleep,all I do is dream. I would be eager to participate in any way.