Dream interpretation request (weird house, first aid booth, lost boy, reverse aging)


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May I ask for assistance interpreting this dream? The symbolism seems strong.

The dream started with my husband and I having just purchased a home, but it is a bizarre house that is large and has a layout that makes no sense, with rooms conjoined and even a broken escalator instead of stairs, and it has water damage all over the walls. I say this house isn't any better than our last one. It has all the same problems but is even bigger. My husband is trying to be optimistic and says we could fix it up. As I follow him to the next room (dark and mostly empty, with high pile brown carpet and strangely placed miniature furniture), a woman and two girls walk in the front door. I learn they were the previous occupants of the house and are there to gather the last of their things. I talk with the woman who is very nice while the little girls get their stuff. I ask her if there is anything in particular about the house that she noticed needed fixing and if she could show me around.

Suddenly, I am in a huge plaza with a crowd of people. We're shoved tightly together and pushing down a field. There is commotion, and I don't know what is happening. There is a young man "leading" the crowd, but he's more just trying to keep everyone from panicking and shouting at us that it'll be ok.

Everyone sort of disperses after a while, but I'm in a convention center and there are tables and activities, and I'm with a number of people younger than me who have set up a first aid booth for the convention. One guy says to me, "I hope you know something about wound care." I'm looking around for supplies and antiseptics but can't find anything that I can use for first aid, and people start showing up for help. Most of the other people at the booth are teenagers who are messing around.

While I'm looking for where the first aid supplies are, a little boy appears in my arms, about two or three years old, and I give him a toy in my hand to play with while I continue to look around the tables. I ask him where his mother is, and he doesn't know.

I wander the convention searching for the staff to help locate his mother. The further I walk, the younger he gets, and soon he looks less than a year old, in a diaper, but he can still talk. I ask him what his mother's name is and if he can describe what she looks like. He has trouble answering the questions, "Is she tall or short? Dark or light hair?" He starts to cry, and I try to reassure him. I ask him to say something if he sees her while we are walking. Finally, I get to a booth with convention staff and tell two women who are seated there that I found a lost child and can they help me find his mother. He gives them her full name and address (which I don't remember), and I'm surprised he can communicate that information because he now looks to be an infant. As the women are trying to use the intercom for lost and found, they are suddenly at the top of a slope, and I slide away from the booth with the baby in my arms, trying to find something to hold onto, and he cries again.

A creature that looks like a long, ceramic dragon with a crude human face flies overhead. I become scared and run with the baby, then wake up.
The, "house of Self," needs repairing. Perhaps it needs, "wound care," as there are things in your past that were traumatic and need healing. There is much energy in the dream surrounding the little boy. He is the new Self, or the new part of you coming into being. He is lost, needs guidance. Although very young, he can speak his truth. This part of you will bring healing. You have to protect this part of yourself from threat. Time and attention must be paid to the inner life and to healing.