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I seldom recall dreams so this stuck out to me.
I dreamt I opened a carton of eggs when I cracked the egg it was filled with bees that were mostly yellow with thin black stripes. The bees stung the people who were around me , one of the people grabbed me and pinned me to the ground sitting on my hip. I looked up at them and their face turned into a bee's face and in fact they were now a human sized bee with their stinging pointed menacingly at me. I woke up thinking about this dream and it felt like the weight of someone sitting on me lifted off of my hip and I was able to roll over.
First you must locate in what way in your life you have cracked "an egg " lately.
You use to sting people, with words or other ways, do you ?
This have consequenses , change people around you and bounce back on you.
Best thing to do to heal this, will be to accept burdens and do not consent to defend yourself with any forms of action.
The bees symbolises nervous aggression in your dream, and you must have nontolerance to any offending behaviour of yours toward people around you.
Hi Timothy,
Thanks for your dream! Okay, so what we need to do in a dream is find symbols which link together and so tell us the subject matter. We then relate everything back to that subject matter in a chain of cause and effect.

In your dream we have eggs and bees. Eggs are often used to symbolise the reproductive system (usually for women, but not always) and bees are essential for plant reproduction and so also represent the reproductive system.

If you were female (which I'm guessing not from your username?) Then I would say that you have irrational fears (indicated by the yellow and black) about the menopause (cracked eggs).

If you are male, then it looks like you have some irrational fears about an aspect of your reproductive system.

We (or aspects of us) are everything in a dream, so when the bees are stinging the people, this suggests that you have been emotionally stung by someone or some event in the past and now carry the fear of it happening again (the threatening bee person). This would be something to do with the reproductive system.

I realise this is probably a bit personal for a public forum, so please feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss further ☺️.

Btw, what gender was the bee person before they morphed into a bee?


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Eggs are new ideas for you , the bees are a hive communty friends, relatives. Sounds lke there is some conflict stinging. Sounds like things are changing, some conflict is happeneing.