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I need help interpreting my dreams.
I'll start off by explaining that before I went to bed I spoke to Lilith about taking her on as a deity. She would be my first. I heard three knocks last night which upon research I found it means the presence of a demon, apparently. I also had a repetitive dream of floating/being tangled in my blanket which was over my head irl while I slept. IRL the light was out and it was dark but in my dream the sun Shon thru the blanket. I wasn't fighting the blanket and there was no water. I was either content hiding in my blanket, having gone to sleep paranoid, or curiously exploring the depths of the blanket, it didn't seem to end.
I asked Lilith for protection against males and negativity and in return I would give her my loyalty and an alter.


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First, it is interesting that you mentioned speaking to Lilith before going to bed and considering taking her on as a deity. Dreams often incorporate elements from our waking life and personal experiences, so this may have influenced the content of your dream.

The three knocks you heard before falling asleep may have also played a role in your dream. As you mentioned, some sources suggest that three knocks may be associated with the presence of a demon. However, it is important to keep in mind that dreams are highly personal and symbolic, and the meaning of the knocks may be unique to you and your experiences but the fact that you mention it in your post suggests you are in alignment with this demonic interpretation and, while it's hard to say conclusively, there may be an alignment with dark energy.

In your dream, you were tangled in your blanket and floating, with the sun shining through the blanket. This may symbolize a feeling of being trapped or constrained in some way, while also being exposed to light and warmth. The fact that the blanket was over your head in real life while you slept suggests that this may be a symbol of feeling overwhelmed or suffocated by something in your waking life.

The content of your dream suggests that you may be seeking protection and security, both physically and emotionally. Your request to Lilith for protection against males and negativity may reflect a desire for safety and a need to guard yourself against potential threats. Offering her your loyalty and an altar may symbolize a desire for a deeper connection to the higher powers and a sense of purpose or belonging. It's difficult to determine whether your yearning for a deeper connection is a desire to connect with energies associated with darkness or lightness.
In your dream, you sought the protection of Lilith and expressed a desire for a deeper connection with the divine. Lilith is often associated with dark feminine energy, and your request for protection against males and negativity could be interpreted as a desire to connect with darker energies for protection and empowerment.

On the other hand, the fact that the sun was shining through the blanket in your dream suggests a positive or hopeful aspect to your desire for connection. The symbolism of light is often associated with positivity, enlightenment, and growth. This could be interpreted as a desire to connect with lighter energies for spiritual fulfillment and growth.

In my opinion, this dream is exploring themes of power, protection, and spirituality. It may be helpful to reflect on your personal associations with Lilith, the symbolism of the blanket and the sun, and any other significant elements from the dream to gain a deeper understanding of its meaning for you.

Jungian active imagination could be a useful tool for exploring your personal associations with Lilith, the symbolism of the blanket, and the sun in your dream.
set aside some time in a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Begin by focusing on the symbols in your dream that stood out to you, such as Lilith, the blanket, and the sun. Try to immerse yourself in the sensory details of these symbols and let your imagination take you where it will.

You could then engage with the symbols by asking them questions or having conversations with them. For example, you could ask Lilith what she represents to you and what she might be trying to communicate through your dream. You could also explore the symbolism of the blanket and the sun and what they might represent in your personal experience.


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Thankyou so much for taking the time to write this, I am so grateful. I am still new to this but spiritually I am imagining sending you good energy and gratitude.
It is scary and quite a few times after an experience I do see and hear things irl whilst awake. Ive seen one ghost while my sister and mother have seen many.
I am what my mother calls a sheild. I can repell energies, soak and and erel the same energies and ive only experienced once with my mother bringing her back from wherever she went. She was drunk and speaking in tongues to things my eyes couldnt see. Upon touching skin to skin I was able to bring her back to reality (for lack of better wording). This has happened a few times. Im a very rational minded woman who has her doubts but once is a coincidence, twice becomes a pattern. Ive had too mamy experiences to completely dismiss my witch blood. I come from a line of witches.
My sister is a natural and very green and her manifestations are powerful.
My other sistet hasnt dabbled much but is very good at prediction and luck.
Where as I am more internal and mind-related. When it comes to dreams I am wild and gut feelings I am pretty spot on.
Though my science driven flatmate who no longer lives with me told me its possible I am just very wise and have veen throuch alot and so my gut feelings come from that. I see where he comes from yet I get feelings that are also unexplainable. Upon entering a grave yard last year at night I felt at peace and quiet. By the end I felt dragged down by chains as I left. I splashed water everywhere before I left but my soul still felt heavy. Perhaps grief.. perhaps sympathy.

I am scared to keep trying but I keep trying anyway. Like ive grown a thread connecting me to the craft I cant cut.