Dream of betrayal?


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So i recently went through a break up with someone i feel strongly about.. and today i had a vivid dream about him doing something stupid, and i'm wonderind what it could mean.

We are at the sea, on a clif. Below was a road(parallel) and there was the sea after the road. We were in my mothers car on a clif and beside him there was his small stepbrother. There was aslo a boat tied to the car.
He suddenly got an impulse to drive the boat into the sea of the clif. I get out of the car and stand infront, but he doesnt stop. I barely manage to move from it and then they fly.
He somehow ended up on the boat in the sea, the step brother just wasnt there anymore, and my mother, who wasnt there before, appeared in the passanger seat, shocked. The car landed on the road tho.
Later i tried to find the car but i could not.

Is this a sign of me feeling like he betrayed me or something?